Lexi (mustanggrl16) wrote,

its been awhile....

well nothing to new i guess. classes just started a little while ago. im already feeling the slack. i dont what to do anything but im forcing myself to because i need to get good grades so i can go to college in florida.

work is okay. nothing really great about it.....speaking of which though....

i kinda got the hots for a guy at work. i really dont know what i think about it but ive been hitting on him hard core. everyone is rooting for me to sleep with this guy because...cough...cough.....he has a g/f that no one likes. but i dont know if its just about the sex. that all im alowing myself to think about though at the moment. i guess its just a game to keep me occupied.

as for the joe update....its over. my choice. he wasnts me real bad and is calling me and wanted to see me. he doesnt even look the same to me anymore. i just cant do it. i could have sex with him but i dont want him going on thinking i like him when my feelings have dried up. i do still care for him though. i would still be there for him but i know once he realizes its over i probably wont talk to him very much anymore. its all good though...its probably for the best.

so the reason that i dont have feelings for joe anymore....jon. which is a big mistake and i know it. but at least he got me over joe. i need to talk to jon because i can already tell that this is going to be no good so i want to get our feelings out in the open so i can walk away now. ive known jon for 3 years. it was lust at first sight. we stopped talking but a few months ago i called him up out of the blue. the only problem is that he is still seeing the same girl he was 3 years ago. but because i like a chalenge i didnt back down. stuff has happened between us...i have no will power....but nothing to dramatic. i wont have sex with him and i still have to tell him but i havent had the chance. im not sure what is going on but i want to protect myself from getting hurt. i like him alot though and have but im not going to try and take him away from his g.f. i dont want him to still want he if he was with me. but i doubt anything is even going to happen. its jsut a feeling. so im not really conserning myself with it right at this moment.

thats about it for the guy thing i guess. men are pigs.

im talking to my cousin chad right now. he lives in florida. i havent talk to him in a while so this is nice.

i moved home two weeks ago. i can finally save up some money hopefully...as long as my side mirrors stop falling off right jackie? lol
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