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Canada egh? (read and give me your input. sorry its long)

I went to Canada last night with Tara. We went early so that we could eat dinner. We went to the Honest Lawyer. Its our favorite place. We shared a bowl of onion soup and a plate of garlic cheese bread. It was really good but filling.

A bunch of guys came and sat with us. They were creepy though so we had Ryan find another table for them. One of the guys yelled at me for not just telling him that i wanted him to leave instead of having Ryan do it. So they left.

We sat for a bit by ourselves when another person came up to us and asked if they could share our booth because there was nowhere to sit. We let him because he seemed okay and he only had two other people with him. The other guy that had come over after we said they could sit there was cute. He ended up buying a round of drinks for us.

The other two people were a girl and a guy. The guys were talking to themselves so i started talking to the girl. she was really nice. We were just talking about bullshit when she told me that the cute guy was the manager at Dante's. Then it hit me. I pointed at him and i said i knew you looked familiar. Then i explained about how i lost my ID and asked one of the bouncers to let me in and he wouldn't so i asked him (Erik) to let me in. He had said it was up to the bouncer and the bouncer looked at me and said i wasn't getting in and to leave. Erik told me that was his roommate and that he is an ass hole like that. I couldn't believe it.

Tara was mad because some girl got a rose because it was her birthday and Ryan had not given her one. So later when i saw the rose lady i got up and bought one and gave it to Ryan to give to her. but he already was getting her some. later he brought over two roses for her and one from me. but then i decided to make a smooth move so i took back the one that i had bought and smelled it then put it on the table facing Erik. i got his attention and pointed to the rose. he looked at me surprisingly and asked if it was for him. i said yes. then before anything else was said tara decided we had to go to the bathroom because she wanted to talk about the Ryan thing. it was sooooo cute. he is the sweetest guy.

So we come back from the bathroom. Tara was getting in the booth when i noticed Erik calling me over. I went over to him and he stood up and gave me a hug, a kiss on the cheek and said thank you for the rose. it was so cute. he is awesome.

I went back over to sit next to tara but after a while i decided to go sit by Erik because i was going to make a move. so i chilled over there and talked for a while. his friends are really cool too and we ended up laughing all night long. not to mention we were all butt ass drunk. me and Erik started getting really close. if he said anything to me he would put his head towards me.

Somehow we started talking about how we are going to play this game. He wanted me to come and find him again. I told him that i knew where we work. he said he knew where i was too. i argued that he didn't. again he said i was to find him.

At one point i told him i wasn't into one night stands and i found out that he does not like anal sex which is 100 points because i would never do that and i hate when guys want to do it.

Finally i realized it was getting late so i looked at Erik's watch and it said 2:15. that sucked. So i decided it was time. i asked him if he had a girlfriend even though i knew he didn't and he said that he wouldn't be doing something...i dont remember but it had to do with me...if he did. so then i asked him if he would mind if i kissed him and he said no that shouldn't be a problem. I lean in and he puts his cheek out at me and gives me that look. i pull away and he laughs and leans in and kisses me. i was in heaven. i thought i would going to fall over. he is soooooo cute. then he pulled away and turned to everyone and said that the game was on. i almost fell over laughing. i like games :)

Everyone decided it was time to go so we all got up to leave. Erik gave me another hug and a kiss. Then we left.

So now i have a question. What do you think my odds are. he could have tried to get with me that night but he didn't. he wants me to find him. my thought is that he meets a lot of girls because he is the manager of a club and that not many of them would even bother to come back again to see him. so i think that might be why he said that. or he is just not interested. so what do you guys think? i know he lives in Canada and i live in Michigan but who knows. anything can happen. give me your advice please.
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